About the Hiking Journal

What kind of travel stories should be posted here?

Anything involving a trip involving something that is human powered, and requires you to get away from a car parking lot.

What makes this site diffent from all the others?

This site never intends to charge a membership fees. This web site will also allow you to upload pictures along with your description. This site also allows users to rate articles and leave comments on them.

This site is powered by Google's AppEngine.

I wrote this site to experiment with google's Cloud AppEngine Application server. In addition, the following provided motivation:

  • Learn Python
  • I ended up learning more about the Django web framework than anything. Django makes building a dynamic data driven website easy.
  • Provide a place to share stories about my hiking and photograpy hobbies.

What kind of photography equipment do I use?

Most pictures where taken by me with an old Nikon 35mm film camera. I do not like hauling a digital camera with me when I go hiking because it can either get wet, or run out of battery power. I have never spent more than 100 US dollars for any of my camera bodies used on this site. Most pictures where taken with inexpensive 24mm, or 50mm Nikon lenses. However, I do use professional Fuji Velvia slide film.