Tour Mount Du Blonc

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Date: Wed 08 Oct 2014

Hiking Information

Classic hike around Mount du Blonc. The trip takes you through the borders of Italy, Switzerland and France.

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Trail Head Information

This hike started in Italy at the main bus station in Courmayeur. Just follow the signs signs right outside of the bus station. If you get turned around just follow the signs to Villair.

Here is the town of Villair Italy that is on the way to the actual trail head. I though I was lost at this time till I noticed other people with backpacks.

The actual trailhead parking lot.

Here a view of Courmayeur from the TMB trail. I have already gained quite a bit of Altitude.

An abandoned Alp (cattle farm)

Alp that was once used for cattle. The farmer would leave the cows at the Alp for the summer.

I have now gained most of the altitude for the day. My stop for the night is around 15 kilometers away.

Here is my stop for the night. This place actually had hot showers! They also served Dinner and breakfast. I purchased a lunch from them for the next day that included Chocolate.

Better view of the Val Ferret from the next day. You will need to climb over the end of the valley to reach the Switzerland border.

Looking back at the Ferret valley as I begin climbing to the border with Switzerland. The clouds are getting darker because it is about to start raining. I am glad I tested all my rain gear before I left the home! My GPS also stopped updating because it could not lock any satellites for the rest of the day. My paper map worked just fine.

Looking back into Italy from the Col de Ferret.

Looking into Switzerland from Col de Ferret. It has also stopped raining for the day.

Swiss cows must be some of the happiest cows in the world.

Here my stop for the night. I actually cheated and took a bus from La Foley to save time. Most towns even Ferret have bus service. All buses and and train schedules are keep on the Swiss rail website. Be sure to check before your trip.

The trail climbs out of Trient Switzerland. I had to take a rest day so I just took a bus from Champex to Trient.

Here a photo of my backup running shoes. They are the only I was able to complete this hike because my boots hurt my feet too much.

Swiss free range cattle farm at Les Tsippers.

I got to watch a Shepherd and his sheep dog drive sheep up the hillside to their Pasture. The sheep look like little grey dots in this photo.

This photo just looked interesting. You can see the Sheep Farm in the bottom right.

Almost finished climbing.

Just a random cross.

Col de Balme and the French Border. This is the first time you can see Mount du Blonc since entering Switzerland.

Looking down Col de Balme into the Chomonix Valley.

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