Zion Np

User Name: kscott

Date: Wed 21 May 2008

Hiking Information

  • Distance: n.a.
  • Elvatation Change: n.a.
  • Difficulty: n.a.
  • Time: n.a.

Trail Head Information

Zion National Park located in southern Utah. One of the great things about this park is they do not allow cars on the main access roads. You will have to get out of your car and take the free shuttle.

The picture on the right is of the Angels Landing hike. Do not even attempt this hike if you have a fear of heights. All that separates you from a 1000+ ft drop off is a small ledge This made me uncomfortable because of the height. Be sure to allow enough time to complete this hike. As you can see from the picture on right it starting to get dark. I had to turn back because I was afraid of going down this trail in the dark, plus I had to pick up my bother on the way down who got spooked because of the height. He is normally never afraid of heights, or much of anything! If you look down in bottom left of this picture can barley see a river and the park access road. That should give you an idea about how high up this was! We did not spend enough time in this park. Most of the other day hikes are not this intense.

Is one of the most spectacular parks in the US. When you get off on some of the day hikes words and pictures can not explain this park!

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