Emory Peak Trail

User Name: kscott

Date: Fri 24 Oct 2008

Hiking Information

  • Distance: 9.40 miles
  • Elvatation Change: 2000 feet+
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Time: 6.5 hrs

Trail Head Information

Trail starts in the Chicos Basin Campground in Big Bend NP.

Here the objective of this hike Emory Peak. The steep Pinnacles Trail is 3.5 miles from the Chisos Basin (~5200 feet). The end of the Pinnacles Trail (~7000 feet). The Emory The Emory Peak trailhead is side trip from the Pinnacles Trail. There are two "bear proof" boxes for your gear if you so choose to leave it here. The trail then goes up to the peak in 1.2 miles and about 800 feet of elevation. This trail is even steeper than the Pinnacles trail.

Panoramic view from the summit. This is the highest place in Big Bend. On clear days you can see a long way. Just before the summet, there are a couple good rock scrambles about 20-30 feet all told. Also, to reach the actual summit, you have to climb the last 25 feet or so. It is allegedly an "easy rock scramble" per the guides. However, the rock summit is a shear cliff so if you have any problems with vertigo I would not try it. The view from the top is worth the it.

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