Big Bend Np

User Name: kscott

Date: Sun 25 May 2008

Hiking Information

  • Distance: 3.5 miles
  • Elvatation Change: n.a.
  • Difficulty: strenuous
  • Time: 5-6hrs

Trail Head Information

The trailhead for the Pinnacles trail is near the Chisos Basin Campground. The campground has camping sites available, in addition to running water and picnic and grill facilities. Longer hikes are passable in the Chisos Mountains.

After driving all day to get there we arrived at Big Bend NP and settled into a camping site at the Chisos camp ground. We did a short hike down a wash called the Window trail. The picture on the left is the view from the end of the Windows trail. Well worth the sort hike down a wash.

Here another view from the tail as we are still climbing. The trail is starting to level out by this point.

This is our view from our campsite! Wow!

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