Ouachita National Forest

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Date: Tue 20 Apr 2010

Hiking Information

  • Distance: 20 mile Loop
  • Elvatation Change: n.a.
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Time: n.a.

Trail Head Information

Two day trip into the Ouachita National Forest . We started at the Albert Pike Recreation Area Trail Head. I was only able to map the first day of the trip, and a little of the second day due to an issue with my GPS. We took county road 82 back to the Albert Pike trail head.

This what most of the trail looks like

One of the many times we crossed the little Missouri River.

Looking out from the top of one of the many ridges you cross on this trail.

Another view from the top of one of the many ridges. This trail can be very steep in places. It does not use many switch backs.

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