Mount Tallac

User Name: kscott

Date: Sun 25 May 2008

Hiking Information

  • Distance: 4.5 miles
  • Elvatation Change: n.a.
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Time: all day

Trail Head Information

The Mount Tallac trailhead is 1 mile south of Hwy 89. There are brown 'Mt Tallac' signs north and south of where you leave Hwy 89, which is 4 miles northwest on Hwy 89 from the junction where it leaves Hwy 50. This trail head is well marked, including the two turns you have to make between the highway and the trail head.

Here is the target for this hike the summit of Mount Tallac. To hike this trail you will to get a wilderness permit from the US Forest Service.

We started climbing early in the morning

Here is one of the first of two Alpine lakes you will find on the hike to the summit. When we passed buy it someone had put up a sign trying to sell it. Obviously, this is public land and can not be sold. However, judging by the pile of beer cans around the tent. I thank this gentleman was not in a good frame of mind when he put this sign up.

Here is the second alpine lake. on the hike. After this point the trail starts getting steep. This is where most of the day hikers turn back.

Still climbing. Now that we are high enough to where the trees have thinned out the views are spectacular.

Another great view from the trail up to the summit. This high meadow, was full of wildflowers, you can see the distant peaks of the Desolation Wilderness in the background.

Ahhh a panoramic view from the Summit! The thumbnail image does not do this justice! When we visited the summit it was covered in butterflies so I took this picture just bellow the summit. Not sure what the butterflies where doing on the summit this day.

Alpine flowers anyone?

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