Chicago Basin

User Name: kscott.j

Date: Tue 14 Jan 2014

Hiking Information

  • Distance: 8.3 miles
  • Elvatation Change: 4600 feet
  • Difficulty: Strenuous
  • Time:

Trail Head Information

This epic over night trip started out at the train station in Durango Colorado. The narrow gauge railway will take you though some great scenery and drop you at a stop in the middle of nowhere called Needleton.

Here is a picture of the train at a water stop. Riding the train provides a wonderful view of the surrounding area. The train will drop you off a stop called Needleton. Many people will camp near the Needleton stop.

Here is a picture of the train right after it dropped us off. At this point, I am starting to wonder if I made a mistake by planning this trip. Because this stop is in the middle of the nowhere. You are now on your own until the train comes by tomorrow to pick you up. I did not even have cell phone service.

Here is where the real hike begins. This bridge crosses the river. This bridge was replaced the year after we visited so it may look different now. The trail follows an old wagon road that used to provided supplies to some of the mining areas. It crosses some pretty rugged terrain. I can not image that this used to be a road! The only thing you can hear is roaring of the stream that this trail follows.

This is the view from close to campsite It is starting to rain. However, we where lucky the night before it hailed!

This picture was taken from the Basin . You can see the trail in the bottom left hand corner of the photo. It rained almost all night. You could actually feel the temperature drop as each line of storms moved though.

Here is an example of some of the common wild life you might see. Just as a warning, the Mountain Goats will dig up your campsite if you do not dispose of any human waste away from you camp site!

Good morning from the Chicago Basin! This is what all of this hard work hiking up hear was for. The Chicago Basin is surrounded by three climbable 14000+ foot peeks.

Just a random waterfall

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